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top 10 best wallpaper for hackers

top 10 best wallpaper for hackers ,I have prepared a list of 10 wallpapers, which I consider to be the best one.
these wallpapers are also the best wallet for hackers.

1 black and white is the first wallpaper I’ve been offering here, 800×600 pearls.

2 Dark Green Wallpaper for hackers Wallpaper 1024 × 768

3 Black Dark Hacker wallpaper 1600 × 900

4 Dark Lime hackers  1090 × 900

5 Black Dark and lime Symbol  Eagle 1000 x 900

6 Black Anonymous  Wallpaper 1024 × 900

7 WE ARE  ANONYMOUS UNDERGROUND Wallpapers 1920 × 1200


Hack the Planet black and lime wallpaper 



 Backtrack 5 Wallpaper  1920 × 1200

10  Kali Linux: Professional Penetration-Testing  1920 × 1080


now we are at the end of the 10 wallpapers for your pc, we will also refresh the articles with different wallpaper.

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