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Here’s how to protect your phone from hackers

How to protect your phone from the hacks.

Most recently, the dependence on the phones has a global popularity.
“These smart phones are the connection to your daily life in recent years,
and these phones give you lots of information about you, “as you refer from time to time,
internet connection.
Cyber Investigations & Intelligence, in a Fox News interview.
has cited other than that “Your life is on your phone – your contacts, your family photos and
your credit card information. “are a prey to pirates online.

These sensitive information hackers can achieve it, as they have information on the benefits of your mobile security.

If an amateur pirate trying to steal a pin of bank account at “the expert
who wants to steal personal information “this amateur pirate will find it difficult to reach us
sensitive areas
vulnerable to trying to detect their victim, everyone is in danger.
at the same time as the security experts have the knowledge and the appropriate infor- mation,
to cyber security.

the security of your smart mob is a world challenge even though the manufacturing companies are
smart phones are spending sums of money, for the safety of users
of the smart phones that today are available in the market.


How to get hackers in your mobile

“Your phone may be hacked in different ways – from malware that requires you
click on a link you do not have, have bad passwords or not
implement basic security measures like updating your apps and system
operational, “explained Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Security Alliance

Phone users should protect their phones by storing everything with a Long password, adding
Symbols Numa and Germa, passwords are suggested to contain about 10 to 15 different initials in the password used.

Security in your phone’s operating system may be damaged,
security. “Make sure your phone and apps have good protection
password and multifacture verification “,
“Keep an eye
for anything that seems unusual. “in your mobile.

But there are simple ways to make a hack-proof phone, said Chris Jones,
Co-founder of RISKGEN, a cyber company.

How to figure out how our phone is hacked or running,
while adding a phone can be hotter more and more this is a sign that
Your mobile is hacked, so spyware is still running
constantly in the background. “Friends report to receive strange texts from your phone
or you get some. You learn that the emails you send to suddenly known individuals
blocked by spam filters when they were not previously. ”

“Do not connect to unknown networks that are offered to connect to your cell phones,
do not join the airport or shop
coffee Do not download unfamiliar or unfounded applications See what permission
require an application on the device Use a pin code and always lock the phone for
prevent physical damage, “Jones said.

Protecting your phones with complicated passwords is another step
that prevents and provides security, so users can
make this step in their phone to make it difficult for a pirate, organization or police bureau to penetrate, this kind of password makes it more difficult to deploy sensitive areas to your phone . What to do if you are attacked, so if your phone is attacked and has a phone call
prey to pirate suites, the first thing you should do is keep your Mobile Off.
So Cr337 quoted Cyber Cybernetics Kosovo, recommending that if a phone is attacked, it should turn off and a security professional should be contacted. If one is not available, the phone can be reset to its default settings, “knowing that you have a good backup.” If personal information was violated, Kaiser encouraged users to contact IdentityTheft.gov for help.


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