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How do you automatically redirect our blog with Blogger blog firs in another blog or website

How do you automatically redirect our blog with Blogger blog firs in another blog or website



How do you automatically redirect our blog with Blogger blog firs in another blog or website
or “Url” some things you can letesojn your work, to do an article about Blogger
he automatically redirects him to another url- blog.
This is what you can to your blog redirects to a specific blog URL example migration from
http://seo-lunch.blogspot.com we http://smartt-seo.blogspot.com or http://seo123.ml.
to another post or page, all 301 or 302 redirection within your blog. This will be the
404 pages redirecting useful for errors and broken links; but you can not redirect
on any particular URL. Here we will show you how to automatically redirect Blogger blog
in another blog or website, or any URL or http://smartt-seo.blogspot.com we  http://seo123.ml ..
So, with this technique you can redirect Blogger
Your introductory page or any page specific to external websites.
When to use it?
example: http://smartt-seo.blogspot.com we http://seo123.ml.
This will be helpful if you have just migrated to the new domain with the new blogging platform.
You’re always limited to Blogger that is why people move to wordpress blogs
self-hosted. Usually you will not get more traffic to your new blog when you’ve done
taj blog so you redirect redirected by a url- blog in a blog url- other displaced
http://smartt-seo.blogspot.com we http://seo123.ml. . Also your old blog will have a good flow of traffic from organic search results, as well as backlinks. So, using this method you can drive traffic from your blog
old new to your blog and also it passes all ranking factors.
How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog / URL / Website

Here we will share three different codes to automatically redirect Blogger
blog to another blog or URL and any code has a different task.
I like it?
Sign in to blogger.com then click> teamplate> edit html> and search </ head>

vendosne then the bottom code with your blog
================================================== ========================
<Script type = “text / javascript”>
var d = ‘<date: blog.url />’;
d = d.replace (/.*//[^/]*/, ”);
location.href = ‘http://seo123.ml’;
</ Script>

————————————————– ———————-

Let’s say you want to redirect the full Blogger blog to another site or URL.
That is redirecting your web page message, page archives and all other blog URL
your a website certain external. You should use this if you just
moved to the new domain. To do this you will make changes to your template file. Well,
before you mess with codes is recommended that you backup your template first.

Log in to your Blogger dashboard
Go to and click edit HTML template
Now you can see the template codes. Press CTRL + f and then find now add code
below below the head tag as you see in the image below.

How to redirect Blogger blog on another blog or URL

Redirecting Blogger blog in a new blog

In the above code change http://seo123.ml’s destination URL. Now all
from your blog pages will be redirected to the destination URL.

Now we will see a piece of code that redirects a special blog on another blog URL or website.
If you do not want to redirect all blog then you have to make use of this code. Also you can use this for redirecting users from a specific page on a site
external internet for promotional purposes.

To do this just paste the following below the head tag and change the URL that is
http://smartt-seo.blogspot.com and destination URL is http://seo123.ml

The above code only redirects users from Blogspot URL specified on a website or URL.

Here comes another code; with this you can redirect all your blog pages are
including the main site in another blog or website a fixed term.
So users who lands on your blog will be automatically redirected to another
blog after a certain period of time.

This is the code, simply copy and paste under head tag in your template file.
5 in the above code is assigned time where the user will be redirected to
http://seo123.ml in 5 seconds after landing.

I hope this article has shown you how to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog / website or URL
. Share this and if you find it useful, then please leave your comments.
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