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[Tutorial] Nine Methods to Protect Your MyBB Forums



How to encrypt your mybb forum, here in this lesson I will share with you a secure form to protect your forum.

Here I will share some simple understandable and effective tips on how to defend our Mybb forum,
basically MyBB is already very safe.
Every code is written with a network, but here I will give you the advice you will need for them.
Fixing some MyBB scripts to provide security again is a job you need to finish it
. But before I get started, I want to point out that nothing is 100% safe on the Internet, so you should be exploring for new updates about your forum security.
So if you say that you have followed my advice then you are protected in a good way,
but still have trouble defending the forum from hackers,
this is not necessarily my fault, but maybe just a mistake or perhaps your sigh.
Because of the security itself is relative.

Keep strong passwords!
The cause number 1 piracy effort that goes well is bad passwords on behalf of the administrator. It is not difficult to make a good password. If you’re the one lazy, I’ll generate one for you!
in fact it is essential to chase the keyword generator for your crypto password.
In fact, since a phishing attempt has been made to my account at Digital Point,
I keep all my important account (such as PayPal) passwords so complicated that
I do not even know them! I actually have to issue a letter and write it anytime I want
to enter. This is how important a step ahead is to create confidence in your security, but this step is used to prevent and hamper the work of online crime.
My second tip is to do it:
Your passwords must be confidential, contain large and small letters, numbers and symbols.
It should also be at least 16 characters, maybe more.
In fact, according to Blogussion, a ten-string simple password may require up to 580
million years to decode! Now is not that kind of protection you would like?

but by hacking this out of htcacess

Do not allow external access to the Config file
Sometimes, simple permissions are not enough. This is a htaccess method that will give anyone who attempts to enter a configuration file a 403 error. Your MyBB Forums will still be able to run normally, however. This will only protect it from external access.

Keep Your Passwords Strong!
proteckt file using htacces

Quote:# Protect the config.php file
<files config.php>
Order deny,allow
deny from all

Protect your forum admin page by using htaccess, for not allowing unauthorized access, on your admin page.
In part, this can be followed or not because it is endangered or risked to be unnecessary if you allow the admin panel page to be the default,
so without having to edit the script after installation,.
We will make the rules in. Htaccess to allow only a few IPs can access the admin page.
This is probably a very viable way to protect your admin sites, but do not forget to be careful about the final fix …
may have been every time you can not get online on your computer for example, using your computer online,
but I will share. Okay, do it. Htaccess in the file. / Admin, then enter the following code
after you have entered this code you may have modified some scripta that pose a risk, you have covered a part
sensitive to your forum’s security. I invite you to have extra attention while you are completing these things on your blog from

Quote:RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond% {REMOTE_HOST} ^ 12 \ .345 \ .678 \ .9
RewriteRule .* seo123.ml [R = 301, L]

ip 12 \ .345 \ .678 \ .9 can be replaced with your ip, and if different ip with being entered will be automatically redirected to http://www.seo123.ml

Rename your administrator directory, giving it a different name than what was defaluft, after
installation, Everyone in support forums just can not emphasize this enough!
but this may be a positive thing to keep untouched entries in your forum admin panel.
It is very important to rename your admin directory. Because this is a form before stopping a hack phenomenon
, the admin area is an area in your forum “the most sensitive lady in terms of security”
admin is also the main goal of hacking if they manage to log in, not to set up other files or messages?
It’s very simple, actually.

To do this, enter your Internet host control panel and go to Manager i
File. Alternatively, you can use an FTP program like FileZilla. Find the named directory
‘admin’, and simply rename it to something else (it is suggested to rename it to something hidden,
you (ro0t-aminslogs585).

Then find the config.php file in the ‘inc’ directory.
See the following code:


Quote:* Admin CP directory
* For security reasons, it is recommended you
* rename your Admin CP directory. You then need
* to adjust the value below to point to the
* new directory.

$config[‘admin_dir’] = ‘admin

Hide the Admin Admin Panel (ACP) link, so rename the admin name that holds the default mybb to another name like: (root-logins404).
after installing your mybb forum, myBB default will display a link on the admin page so it’s logini
.i Usually at the top of the mybb forum, the “ACP” link. Well, it also helps us to hide it
this connection. Well,
if for example there that did it in our admin account, he still could not find its admin site.
The way is as follows: Open the file / inc / config.php and find the line:

Quote:$config[‘hide_admin_links’] = 0;

and change 0 to 1

Quote:$config[‘hide_admin_links’] = 1;

then save your files after you rename them.

Disable HTML in Posts to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks,
Do you know HTML Injection? Open HTML allows us to get direct attacks,
MyBB default options to stop html open, then mybb filters the code
HTML in the post but helps us “persuade” again so MyBB will not allow HTML in the post,

or in other words MyBB should be filtered down well by any HTML code that is inserted by the member /
user. How ?, OK to open PhpMyAdmin then run the following query:

Quote:UPDATE `mybb_forums` SET `allowhtml` = ‘0’;


Next, go to ACP> Tools & Maintenance> Cache Manager> Forums> Recover Cache.
Yup, you do not have to worry about your MyBB forum,
so you will not feel embarrassed with HTML codes on user data within the forum.

stop the meaning of the version “Hide MyBB”.
Inform our forum version is equal to the saying “hackers, this version of my forum.
Search for bugs out there … haha, we have to hide the version of our forums.
Go to ACP> Configuration> General Configuration> Show Version Numbers> Off, enter the final selection r

Make sure you use the latest version of MyBB as this gives you the chance to have your forum protected.
I tried to give you insight explaining it in detail.
But if If MyBB released a new version of its CMS, then it may be nutshell safe and have a bug.
but this does not stop here, the new verdict
can be sure that there are bugs that were found in its earlier version.
And of course YOU need to
upgrade it by updating your forum! how can you do this look at MyBB and click update to your forum.

my next tip is
Do not use many plugins because it has the plugin that contains bugs or built to damage your forum !.
I do not forbid you to use the plugin, just want to use the legitimate plugin any plugin you think
cool. But remember, the appendix is ​​developed by a third party! not from MyBB official developers.
this is an opportunity for you to be attacked by the dash of the bad things offered to MYBB.
The bug can be found in the plugin you are using now! therefore, make sure the plugins that are
the use is safe and clean of all kinds of bugs. 1-4 plugins is enough,
it was important to just taste it. Like anti-spam for example. The more complex a plugin, the more
great potential also contains bugs!

I’m sorry I do not speak English fluently

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