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How to protect yourself from adsense and affilate scam

How to protect yourself from adsense and affilate scam

In this article I will try to make you feel especially to the news bloggers “so protect them from scams” Phantom or Pyramid companies, as a first I want to cite that there are better ghost or pyramid companies operating on the Internet. that fool people around the world, but how do we chew up adsense and affilate scam companies? That’s what we focus on is impossible, because every day a new company is created, the website that operates online, other than the project is impossible to understand. But the good thing here is that we are professionals who understand these tricks of fraud, and here we benefit from professionals who give us information about these fraudulent companies. They do a great job by penalizing them, so they publish articles on different blogs, citing them as a fantasy company scam “SCAM HAS THIS KICKING A fraudulent company.
If you are looking to make money online;
I will advise you to follow these steps, first look for the adsense or affilate affiliate program “what adsense or affilate programs are” are programs that are offered for earning online money generating income from your blog – I would like to ask you for information, so you have to sign in (who is domain – http://www.who.is, so you have to enter who is the url of the advertiser – affilate program for you get the domain registration information, mobile name name, and other information, if possible for the “adsense or affilate program blog”, but it’s not just because many domains are private (they hide data) or can Remember that there is no complete list of these blogs or fantasy scam companies that do some tricks, that their goal is to personally benefit only them and not p other area.

If you are looking to make money online safe from your blog or other forms “then the solution is this” choose: 1 google adsense, 2 youtubet partner program, 3 aboola moneteize adsense or affilate programs “but let’s briefly see how to I’m going to get an example here fanbox is a scam company that operates in America and around the world, but how do we know it? The solution is this

Go to  www.google.com

Search fanbox scam or legit, then gonna show up with good information declaring it’s scam, so you have to make this choice with all affilate programs or adsense,

Looking for the name of the affilate by adding scam or legit, I believe many of you know about this but the beginners may be pregnant and be fooled for a long time.

This tutorial I wrote in order to protect the blogger from scams, if anyone has something to add to you invite me to comment

First of all, I would ask everybody who reads this article to have the understanding of the url I dropped below, (  to share in social networks or blogs because it can help people with fraud. But I want to ask all those who have additional knowledge to do a more extensive tutorial, because I see a lot of bloggers, many people are the victim of these tricks (so many new bloggers)
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