How To Make Money In Youtube With Your Videos.

Creating a channel in yotube and posting a video to your channel are the best promotion you can do to get started
ferry to harvest money online.
How to Make Money on Youtube> Earnings on the Internet today brings facts that this is achieved, and it is possible to forgive many of the factors that
we are offered in interests. Youtube as the biggest video spot in the world is at the same time the biggest opportunity to make money online.
Promoting, publishing your video on this channel (Youtube) now is offensive with $$, which is a popular phenomenon, YouTube video publishers.
Youtube is a very slim page and can be recorded, and published
Your video.
But first you must decide to make your own registry on Youtube,
once you have completed the registration, you must create a proper channel for your Publication and Video.
Through your channel on Youtube, you will share your videos online, for a great audiece that is surfing the internet.

Creating a proper strategy for promoting your video.
is the first thing you should do before sharing your videos on your Youtube channel.

First I advise you to follow some tips, instructions to accomplish this.
The basic rules to be followed are:

1 How do you begin to plan why you are opening this channel.
2 As well as the neck you want to reach this channel.
3 Orientation of a Goal in a Specified Niche for Your Videos.
4 Passion, Professionals for Your Videos, Product Promotion on Your Youtube Channel.
5 Creating Unique Videov with Interesting Themes, Promotional Items.
6 Growth strategy for a broad audience in your channel.
7 Fresk’s stick with articles, updates on your channel, enrichment with new videos.


All of the above mentioned strategies are a hint of a start for your job.
Managing your videos on your Youtube channel is the first thing you should do.
Your passion for video-making is probably the art of art for you, where you’ll bump
your money, Once you’ve built your Youtube channel, it’s time to enable the videov moneteize.
Youtube has some rules that do not allow to copy videos from others, this is against the rules of Youtube Moneteize.
The competition strategy in your channel is one of the biggest challenges you will face
promoting your Famos to your Youtube Channel. Your ability to put your channel in front of a channel of good follow up
are the only viable way, with positive results and making money online with your Vidot on Youtube.
But how can we make money on Youtube?
Youtube, has offered a banner that allows you to appear in your videos, so third party ads in your videos
, which is Youtube Monetization. The thumbnails and the clicks on the banner that will appear in your videos are
The Standard Affecting Budget and Revenue for You. Apply these banners to any video you publish to your videos ..
Enables you to earn money on Youtube, Most popular videos are the most revenue-generating videos.

Special Care of the Youtube Monetization Regulation.

1 Do not click the banners that appear in your videos.
2 Do not use generator traffic to increase views on Youtube.

Both of these may cause you to terminate your account
Youtube monetization.
You can subscribe to your Youtube account at
Keeping your Account for Youtube Monetization You can do it here:

Once you have done this You must activate the Youtube Monetization product in each of your videos.
You must log in to your channel and activate banners in your videos.

Most popular videos are the only form of success to earn $$,
Sharing your video in social and other online media is the best option to get the right popularity.

Creating Confidence for Your Audience Implied in Increasing Your Channel CHANNEL.
Youtube Monetezation Programs is directly linked to the Google Adsense Payments Program
trust in these programs is 100% secure, to get your money back.
You can withdraw money with payapal and so on.
You need to have your Youtube monetization account, You must have an Email Gmail or if you do not have an Email then you can have it
register here:,

Remember Ads will only appear once you reach 10,000 views on your Youtube channel.
once you reach the number of visits to your channel then start earning money online.

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